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Weekly Ingress Videos

Each week the Agent Academy produces Ingress videos.  From Tips & Tricks, to Top 5 lists.  All content for Ingress players, regardless of faction.

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Agent Academy Podcast

The Agent Academy is talking about Ingress in their weekly show, Agent Academy Podcast.  You can find it on your favorite podcast provider.

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Join the Academy

The Agent Academy is more than just content.  It is community.  It is you.   We’re trying to bring together agents to talk and discuss Ingress.  Making Ingress better for all.

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AGENT ACADEMY has a website! Ingress News & Podcast Information


Find our Podcast Everywhere!

We are talking about Ingress and you can download the podcast every Wednesday from all of these Podcast Providers.  If you can’t find the Agent Academy Podcast on your favorite source, just let us know!

Weekly Ingress Content

We’re creating weekly videos and podcasts about Ingress and we want you to listen, subscribe and participate.  Join the Agent Academy today.

Talking about Ingress

We are creating weekly podcasts delivered to your favorite podcast aggregator.  Search for Agent Academy Podcast.


Posting about Ingress on Facebook

You can share us to your favorite Ingress group, friends or family.  

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Tweeting about Ingress

Keep track of all our content as we post here and share Ingress related content we find on Twitter.


Making Ingress Videos on Youtube

We create videos each week about Ingress.  VodCasts, Field Ops, Top Ingress Lists and other Creative videos.

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