Agent Academy Podcast #2: Ingress just Sharded

Agent Academy Podcast #2: Ingress just Sharded

November 8, 2017 ingress 0

Agent Academy, episode  #2

Recorded on November 7th, 2017 

Show Notes:

Welcome back to the show.   We appreciate everyone telling their friends about the show and tweeting us @AgentAcademy.  This week, we’re going to be talking about what we’ve been up to this past week, The Anomaly, Shards?




What happened in ingress this week.  News, Events, Did we do any ops?  New videos?


WHAT’S IN THE Capsule?

Comments from last week’s ideas:

Mark Whitehead Regarding additional storage at portals.   What if the item stored were only accessible with a passcode.

ImDasBoot Expanding upon the showing of your own keys on the Intel map… What about a filter on the map to highlight the portals you currently own?  You’re already signed in so it wouldn’t be that hard for it to pull up your info.

Jon Gardner I so wish there was a hack burster item that would just simple hack up to 3 of the closest portals at once within a limited range. It wouldn’t give the same bonuses as glyphing. It would just be the same as opening the portal’s profile page and quick tapping “hack”, or finger drag hacking. In some areas where portals are very densely packed together, it’s a bit of a hassle to try to select portals that are super close or overlapping each other and then remember which portals are on cooldown. A hack burster would simple hack the 3 nearest portals and if any of them are on cooldown, it would just move to the next portal and if there aren’t any hackable, then it does nothing.

Ideas for the game!

Agent GoonieGuy – Sort keys by amount of energy,  by which ones you have owned the longest,

Agent s0h0 – Visual element on Keys in inventory to show if those portals are not blocked from nearby portal.


very rare mod idea: Vampire Turret

mricon – Doesn’t just deplete the attacker’s XM tank, but also uses that stolen XM to recharge resonators.


@LostBoyRamblur – I would like to eventually see a HUGE plot twist to the game and maybe a 3rd side emerge… idk just a thought.




Questions, comments from listeners –


RyanBlockb5 – 24:13 cheese-nips are disgusting


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