Choke Point #2: Ana Begins

Choke Point #2: Ana Begins

July 28, 2016 Choke Point 0

Week 2 of Choke Point brings you a new segment, Hero Highlight and this week we Highlight the new hero, ANA!

News & Discussion
Celebrating the release of Legion for WoW, all players in Overwatch have received an Illidan spray.…
Another patch already with some more hero balancing, including an Ana buff…

Hero Highlight: Ana

Torbjorns Workshop
(RP) My first suggestion (and I think it would happen) is for even more Heroes. (Sombra)
Frex: I’d like a built-in mechanism to save/upload highlights and PotG
Brent: chained highlights between multiple players
Alefnull: similar to Frex, i’d actually like the option to save a demo of a whole match to rewatch/edit/upload later.

Call In: JBJBlaze – McCree brother with an even bigger gun.

[Resource] Master Overwatch (Statistics Site)
[Resource] Overbuff (Alternate Statistics Site)
[Video] Overwatch in Realife…
[Resource] OverPwn

Winston’s Playbook
(RP) Learn where the health packs are.
(alef) Become proficient with at least one hero from each category.
(Frex) Learn who hard counters whom
Brent : use team voice

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