Go Kart Brothers 11: King of the Winter Carnival

Go Kart Brothers 11: King of the Winter Carnival

October 26, 2016 Go Kart Brothers 0

Is this GKB or is it The MMO Show… Well, let’s just say it’s a cross over episode. Those are the best aren’t they. Well, maybe it’s more of a melding of 2 great minds. Like Chris Knight and Mitch Taylor. Or Air Wolf and Knight Rider.

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Go Kart Brothers is a podcast on all the hot nasty bad#ss gaming, gadgets & geekery that we give a crap about. If we like it, we talk about it... and sometimes, if we don't like it, we tell you about it. Favs include video games (+MMORPGs), Star Wars, comics, superhero related T.V. and movies, action movies, science-fiction, technology, Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy, and anything from the 80s and 90s that gets us all nostalgic-chatty. No, we don't talk about go karts. Why would we talk about go karts?

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